V98 Conformable Prismatic Reflective Tape - 150 Foot Rolls

Reflexite V98 conformable prismatic chevron striping. Retro Reflective.
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On this page we carry 1", 2", 4", and 6"  by 150 foot rolls of Reflexite V98 Conformable Prismatic Striping Tape.  This material is the same sheeting that we use for our reflective shapes.  The V98 is "conformable" and "repositionable" making it excellent for applications where the material needs to conform to a surface.  It is very tough but can be easily trimmed with scissors.  This is the easiest prismatic reflective material to work with. The rolls on this page are 30' long.  We carry red, fluorescent lime yellow, fluorescent orange, blue and white. 

Our V98 Prismatic tape is manufactured by Reflexite.  Reflexite invented prismatic reflective tape and is the industry leader.  Their products are superior to other tapes due to their extreme durability and brightness. Prismatic reflective can be seen at sharper angles than engineer or high intensity tapes making it safer for emergency vehicle applications.


Note - For chevrons on fire trucks the 6" material should be applied to create downward slanting 45 degree chevrons. The stripes should alternate from red to yellow. Covering 50% of the rear of a fire truck satisfies the NFPA 1901 recommendations.

The V98 conformable grade carries a 5 year outdoor rating.  A longer life can be expected when trucks are kept in a garage.  Because it is bright day and night and easy to install, this tape is one of our most popular prismatic materials.

To order a V98 sample pack just email us at steve@reflectivestore.com with your name and address.

Click here to see a spec sheet on the V98 Conformable Sheeting.

Click here to view the NFPA 1901 Chevron Striping Requirement for 2009.

Click here to view general instructions on applying reflective tape.


V98 Conformable Reflexite Tape


V98 Conformable Reflexite Tape




We carry the following V98 conformable prismatic chevron striping.  Our colors are red, white, blue, fluorescent lime and fluorescent orange.

1" x 150' V98 Rolls - $109.99 per roll

2" x 150' V98 Rolls - $139.99 per roll

4" x 150' V98 Rolls - $299.99 per roll

6" x 150' V98 Rolls - $419.99 per roll

Use the drop down menus below to make your color and width choice.

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